Real Estate Photography FAQ


Here's a brief list of things to do when prepping a house for photography.

- Landscape the yard

- Remove cars and other vehicles from driveway/garage/yard (This also applies to garbage cans, tools, pets, etc.)

- Remove personal items from plain view (family photos, jewelry, etc.)

- Clean rooms and remove clutter from shelves, counters, and other areas that would cause a distraction in the photographs


Due to ethical standards, Willie Romero Photography will not edit out damage to the property.  If there is a crack in the wall or hole in the ceiling, they will appear in the images.  Editing damage out of the images would be considered misrepresentation of the property and could cause legal ramifications.

Payment Responsibility

Payment of property photography is typically the responsibility of the listing agent.  On occasion, the seller may ask listing agent to hire a professional photographer, in which case, the seller may be responsible for payment.  Responsibility of payment will be determined prior to the contract being written.


Images may be used solely for the sale of this property and may NOT be used for any other purpose.  Willie Romero Photography retains sole copyright to the images which may be used for use on Willie Romero Photography website or other forms of self promotion, which may include social media.

Selection of Images

Willie Romero Photography reserves the right to select the images which will be provided to the client.  Unfortunately, due to the nature of the high volume of images I shoot during a session, I cannot share the images with the client for selection and still manage to provide the client with final images in a timely manner.

Turnaround Time

Images will be provided by noon the following day to the listing agent named in the contract.  Images will be delivered in a private, password protected gallery on my website.  Agent will be provided a password and a link to the gallery where images may be downloaded in two formats.  A smaller file suitable for MLS and a larger high resolution file of each image will be provided. 

During the Shoot

- In order for the photo shoot to occur, the agent or agent's representative MUST be present for the duration of the session.  Any special requests must be made prior to the start of the session.

- It is the responsibility of the seller and/or listing agent to ensure the house is presentable and suitable for photography.  The property will be photographed AS IS on the day of the scheduled photo shoot and Willie Romero Photography will not be held responsible for images which may include items not removed out of plain sight which cause a distraction.


- Payment is due in full prior to the start of the scheduled appointment (Cash, Check, Credit Card)


Cancellations must be made with 48 hour notice to avoid a cancellation fee equal to the amount of 50% of the selected package.  On occasion, there may be extenuating circumstances beyond your control, in which case, the cancellation fee will be waived and session will be rescheduled without penalty.

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