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Photo: Bettina Niedermann

My Favorites

My favorite subject to photograph

It's a tie between travel photography and boxing photography.

My favorite hobbies

Traveling the world!  I also collect boxing memorabilia.  The crown jewel of my collection is my Muhammad Ali autographed boxing trunks.  He signed them for me in 1996.

My favorite place for travel photography

It would have to be cruising through the fjords of Prince Christian Sound, Greenland in 2013.  We cruised through the narrow passage ways and I had an opportunity to photograph several amazing icebergs and glaciers.  At one point of the passage, it was so cold my camera temporarily froze.

My favorite place to travel

My favorite place in the world is Paris, France.  There is something magical about that place.  A distant second is New York City.

My favorite people in the world

Single dad to two children, ages 10 & 21. 

My travel wishlist

The one place I'd like to travel to is Japan. 

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